Commercial Lines Manager

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Job Description

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:
·Works closely with HR Manager to recruit and select new employees as needed.
·Responsible for training of all new and existing employees.
·Evaluates department needs and executes a plan for each employee according to individual strengths and career goals.
·Oversees employee performance and communicates expectations through regular verbal interaction and written employee performance reviews.
·Oversees employee Personal Time Off and other time away from the office to ensure that the department maintains adequate staffing at all time.
·Creates, communicates and monitors processes and procedures to ensure employees workload and/or projects are completed efficiently and in a timely manner. Audit employee’s adherence to these procedures.
·Responsible for the quality of work produced in the department. Ensures accurate information is maintained in the agency data base and customer service standards are consistently met.
·Maintains advance knowledge of agency management system, communication systems and other applicable programs. Responsible to evaluate and communicate how these tools can enhance workflow efficiencies and implement procedure accordingly.
·Responsible to oversee and enhance relationship with carriers by meeting with company representatives, attending carrier meetings and relaying carrier information to employees. Coordinates in house meetings carrier representatives and employees as needed.
·Assists owners with creation and execution of department’s sales plan to reach financial goals of the department.
·Assist owners with creation and execution of marketing goals to include cross selling and account rounding as applies to operations of the department.
·Provide various reports to owners on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date on the achievements and development of the department.
Secondary Functions:
·Facilitates regular department meetings to keep employees informed regarding insurance carrier information, new insurance products and coverage information and technology related to the agency management systems.
·Provides back up for employees when necessary to maintain adequate staffing.
·Works with other members of the management team to promote teamwork and accomplish common goals of the agency.
Job Scope:
Performs duties independently based on direction from VP of Operations and agency owners. Decisions are made in conjunction with agency operating guidelines, policies, and procedures.
Supervisory Responsibility:
This position is responsible for supervision of 15-25 employees, requiring highly functioning leadership skills, with ability to communicate with confidence and respect.
Interpersonal Contacts:
·Commercial Lines Manager must be able to interact with others effectively by utilizing good communication skills, cooperating purposefully and providing information and guidance, as needed, to achieve the business goals of the agency.
·Commercial Lines Manager works as a leader in a team environment that includes a close working relationship with Commercial Lines Account Managers, Commercial Lines Assistants, Sales Executives, Agency Owners and other department managers.
·Contact with customers is in writing or telephone for the majority of the time. ·Occasionally the Commercial Lines Manager meets in person with customers.
·Commercial Lines Manager maintains a positive working relationship with Company Representatives and Underwriters.
Specific Job Skills:
·Understand and navigate various computer software programs
·Ability to understand and apply employment law related to supervisory position ·Understand general agency operations and finances
·Ability to direct, motivate and engage team members toward a common goal
·Problem solving skills
·Time management skills.
·Ability to understand and retain details pertaining to insurance coverage
·Ability to interpret insurance coverage forms
·Ability to analyze insurance loss runs
·Professional appearance, behavior and communication
·Professional communication both verbal and written
·Create, interpret and follow written procedure
·Ability to analyze business operations as related to insurance needs
·Ability to maintain high level customer service standards
Education and/or Experience:
An Insurance License and related work experience in the field of property and casualty insurance is required. Knowledge or background analyzing insurance coverage forms. Knowledge of agency operations as applied to Commercial Lines Insurance. Experience leading co-workers in a team environment.
Job Conditions:
Working conditions include work inside the office, and will occasionally require some travel to meet with company representatives or clients at their office location(s). Attending continuing education classes will require time away from office.
Requires physical ability to sit and operate a computer for long periods of time, which includes repetitive small motor activity, grasping, stooping, standing lifting light objects under 10 pounds. Requires field of vision to be adequate to observe up and down or right to left while eyes are fixed on a given point. Requires verbally communicating detailed and important information to others quickly and accurately.
Requires hearing and understanding detailed information from others.