• 40 Hrs (Lectures + Practicals) of SAP EWM Training Course
  • Additional Benefits Included :
    • SAP Certification Exam Assistance with Self-Study Quizzes & MCQs
    • Live Industry Projects & Assignment Modules with Case Studies
  • Server cost as applicable
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Program Structure

  • Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management
  • Basic ERP and EWM Integration
  • Delivery Document Integration
  • Storage Types
  • Storage Sections
  • Storage Bins
  • Activity Areas
  • Doors and Staging Areas
  • Work Centers
  • Product Master Data
  • Business Partner Data
  • Supply Chain Units
  • Master Data For Transportation
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Resources
  • Stock Types
  • Owner
  • Party Entitled to Dispose
  • Batch Management
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Transportation Units
  • Inbound Delivery Documents
  • Outbound Delivery Documents
  • Warehouse Tasks
  • Warehouse Orders
  • Physical Inventory Documents
  • Basic System Setup
  • Master Data Integration
  • Delivery Integration
  • Goods Receipt Preparation
  • Unloading and Goods Receipt
  • Posting Goods Receipt
  • Process-Oriented Storage Control for Inbound Processes
  • Layout Oriented Storage Control for Inbound Processes
  • Deconsolidation
  • Value Added Services
  • Outbound Delivery Creation
  • Warehouse Process Type Determination
  • Wave Management
  • Warehouse Order Creation during Outbound Processes
  • Storage Type Determination
  • Stock Removal Strategies
  • Storage Control in the Outbound Processes
  • Replenishment
  • Rearrangement
  • Ad Hoc Moves
  • Posting Changes
  • Process-Oriented Storage Control
  • Layout-Oriented Storage Control
  • Physical Inventory Documents
  • Physical Inventory Areas
  • Difference Analyzer
  • Stock Comparison to ERP
  • Supported Methods for Physical Inventory
  • Warehouse Management Monitor
  • Personalizing the Warehouse Monitor
  • Warehouse Reporting
  • Configuring Exception Codes
  • Defining a New Exception Code
  • Defining a New Exception Code
  • EWM-Triggered Opportunistic Cross-Docking
  • Push Deployment and Pick From Goods
  • Yard Management Structure
  • Transportation Units and Vehicles
  • Check-In and Check-Out
  • Yard Movements
  • Monitoring the Yard
  • Configuration and Master Data for VAS
  • VAS Order Creation
  • Using the VAS Work Centre and VAS Execution
  • VAS for Outbound Process
  • VAS for Inbound Processes
  • Kit to Order using ERP Sales Orders
  • Kit to Stock
  • Overview of Data Capture Methods for Warehousing
  • Resource Management and Warehouse Optimization
  • System-Guided Processing
  • Advantages of the EWM RF Framework
  • Setup of the RF Framework
  • Enhancing the EWM RF Transactions
  • Personalization of the EWM RF Transaction
  • Overview of the PPF
  • Defining Action Profiles and Actions
  • Condition Configuration
  • Deployment Options for EWM
  • Deploying EWM on ERP
  • Connecting EWM to a Non-SAP ERP
  • BC Sets for EWM Configuration
  • Executing and Troubleshooting BC Sets
  • Loading Business Partners
  • Loading Products
  • Loading Storage Bins
  • Loading Storage Bin Sorting
  • Loading Stock

Comprehensive SAP EWM Expertise

Master the ins and outs of SAP EWM with our comprehensive training program.

Real-World Application of SAP EWM:

Apply your SAP EWM knowledge to real-world warehouse scenarios and tackle operational challenges.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Learn from experienced trainers with practical warehouse management experience who specialize in SAP EWM.

Flexible Learning Options for SAP EWM

Choose from a range of flexible learning options, including in-person classes, virtual sessions, and self-paced online courses, to fit your schedule and learning preferences.

Why choose us?

Embrace efficient warehouse management with our SAP EWM training program. With comprehensive expertise, real-world application, expert guidance, and flexible learning options, you’ll gain the skills needed to optimize warehouse operations and excel in the logistics industry. Start your SAP EWM learning journey with us today!

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