• 44 Hrs (Lectures + Practicals) of SAP TM Training Course
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    • SAP Certification Exam Assistance with Self-Study Quizzes & MCQs
    • Live Industry Projects & Assignment Modules with Case Studies
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Program Structure

  •  Introduction to SAP
  • SAP Basics
  • SAP TM Evolution o LE-TRA >> S4HANA
  • Transportation Management from management perspective
  • Shipper, Freight Forwarder and LSP
  • LTL/FTL/LCL/FCL Scenario’s in Logistics Industry
  • Transportation specific Master Data
  • Master Data of SAP ERP and SAP TM
  • Business Partners & Locations
  • Organization Master Data
  • Transportation Network Master Data
  • Resources Master Data
  • Charges Master Data

Transportation Network

  • Default routes
  • Zones
  • Lanes
  • Trans-shipment locations

Management of freight capacities and schedules is an important aspect of being able to
move cargo

  • Carrier Schedules 
  • Port Schedules 
  • Departure/Destination Rules

 Relevant carrier Determination and Tendering process significance.

  • Carrier Determination
  • Means and Modes of Transport
  • Tenders & Responses
  • The setup of agreements (contracts) and the Charge calculation
  • Freight & Forwarding Agreements
    Definition of calculation sheets, rate  tables and Scales
  • Templates
  • Freight settlement document
  • Service PO
  • Service Entry Sheet
  • Credit memo process
  • Dispute Management
  • Carrier Invoice
  • An overview of the technical architecture of SAP TM and how integration works
  • Transportation Management E2E Cycle
  • Shipper scenarios and forwarder/carrier scenarios to explain the capabilities of the customer Order objects
  • Order Based Transportation Request (OTR)
  • Delivery Based Transportation Request (DTR)
  • Forwarding order Scenario
  • OTR/DTR Determination conditions
  • Document Number ranges

Transportation planning deals with the activities involved in the assignment of cargo items to Vehicles or reserved capacities on trucks, trains, planes, or vessels

  • Transportation Cockpit 
  • Selection & Planning profiles
  • Freight Units Management
  1. Definition
  2. Properties of Freight Unit
  3. Freight unit building rule
  •  Freight Order Management
  1. Freight Order creation
  2. Freight order Stages
  3. Freight order Control
  • Manual Planning
  1. Planning Strategies
  2. Planning Profiles
  3. Transportation Cockpit
  • Automatic planning
  1. Optimization
  •  Execution and monitoring deal with handling freight and providing visibility of shipments
    o    Transportation Execution
    o    Transportation Control
    o    Transportation Monitoring 
  •  Collaboration Portal
  •  Integrations with 3Rd parties 
    o    Carriers
    o    Track & Trace
    o    GIS
    o    LTL Rates 
  •  SAP Logistics Business Network
  • Insight into the details of various outbound Processes
  • Road Scenario
  • Rail Scenario
  • Air Scenario 
  • Ocean Scenario

Comprehensive SAP TM Expertise

Gain a comprehensive understanding of SAP TM through our training program.

Real-World Application of SAP TM

Apply your SAP TM knowledge to real-world transportation scenarios and overcome operational challenges.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Learn from experienced trainers with practical transportation management experience specializing in SAP TM.

Flexible Learning Options for SAP TM

Choose from a range of flexible learning options, including in-person classes, virtual sessions, and self-paced online courses, to suit your schedule and learning preferences.

Why choose us?

Unlock efficient transportation management with our SAP TM training program. With comprehensive expertise, real-world application, expert guidance, and flexible learning options, you’ll gain the skills needed to optimize transportation operations and excel in the logistics industry. Begin your SAP TM learning journey with us today!

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