Continuous Improvement Specialist

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Job Description

Duties & Tasks:

Advocate and nurture BIPROS methodologies into the workforce to drive and develop a C.I. culture.
The BIPROS specialist satisfies the needs for continuous improvements (faster and better processes) to drive profitability in each client subsidiary by looking into details, implementing the BIPROS system (training and teaching the employees) and globally connecting with other BIPROS specialists.
Identification of improvement potentials and definition of actions through analysis of KPI ‘s respectively CIP ‘s
Elaboration of practical concepts to foster profitability in collaboration with relevant departments.
Preparation, moderation, follow-up, or participation in projects/activities to continuously improve processes, organization, and methods within the manufacturing departments using the BIPROS processes and tools.
Knowledge transfer of BIPROS approaches/methods into the organization (e.g. training events)
Moderation of meetings and workshops.
Assign and manage Kaizen work shops across all cross-functional departments.
Documented Process Mapping exercises across all of the key business units within team of US.
Workstation and job function review for cycle time and lean improvements to drive safety, quality, deliver, and cost metrics.
Manage and monitor ongoing projects.
Communicate and work with Engineering, Maintenance, and Quality team to drive improvements.
Identify and report problems with equipment to Supervisor, Manager, and Maintenance personnel.
“Culture Leader” for the area and organization in respects of BIPROS and C.I. Methodology.
Attend training and development activities as assigned.
Other duties and tasks as assigned by management.

Who We Are:

we are leading manufacturer of key components used in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These key components include compressors, pressure vessels such as condensers and evaporators, compressor packages, and condensing units. Other products include waste heat-to-power equipment that converts excess heat to low-cost electricity.

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities):

Ability to use computers and computer software.
Lean Manufacturing.
Continuous Improvement.
Understanding of PFMEA and DFMEA Processes.
Ability to perform Process and Value Stream Mapping.
Demonstrate strong leadership and facilitating specialist characteristics.
Understanding of Manufacturing and Assembly systems.
Knowledge of 5S and Good Housekeeping practices.
Ability to bridge between theoretical and practical application respectively between concept and implementation.
Ability to effectively meet and communicate with employees, the public and vendors.
Ability to work effectively as part of a team or autonomously in projects.
Willingness and ability to learn with a focus on personal and practical development.

Ability to effectively meet and communicate with employees, the public and vendors.
Daily contact requires courtesy, discretion and sound judgment.
Good written communication skills and effective organizational skills.
Ability to work collectively with others within the organization.
Job is not a fixed schedule there are times that non-standard shift work is needed and expected for training, projects, develop, etc.
Must be able and willing to travel internationally.
Continuous Improvement or equivalent training with certificates.
Engineering Degree or equivalent field experience.