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Demonstrated ability to translate functional requirements into technical terms and relevant solutions. Must be able to transition into an environment where much of the configuration, functional specs, technical specs, and code has been written and quickly implement and validate functionalities in the SCM 7.0 environment.
Work with users, and technical team to complete, test, and implement the solution
Demonstrated strong gATP configuration and technical skills in all areas of rule based gATP (location and product substitution), product allocation, product allocation technical objects(APO BW PSA, DSO, Info Cube, Planning Area, Planning Book), product allocation CVC and allocation assignment realignment, order scheduling and relevant condition records, backorder processing, process chain scheduling, APO security roles, temporary quantity assignment, EDQA and gATP data cleansing and product allocation repair functions.
Strong working knowledge of SAP SD and user exit skills as gATP solution integrates into Order Management processes for standard order entry, EDI order entry, portal order entry, order entry with launch date, order entry with manual prices, order entry with main line and sub line items.
Demonstrated strong troubleshooting skills to be able to identify and fix bugs that arise in regression testing and determine whether the source is configuration or programming
Experience in the creation of Integration test cases using the business process documentation and user stories. Experience working directly with the client team to resolve system integration test and user acceptance test cases and coordination of defect tracking, analysis and resolution process.
Candidates must have excellent communication skills and understand agile project management methodology.
Demonstrated ability to set up APO CIF to specify which master data should be transferred from R 3 to APO. Ability to troubleshoot CIF problems for transaction data update by backorder processing run.
Good in Rule based ATP (location and product substitutions), backorder processing, product allocations, EDQA,order scheduling, good interfacing knowledge with ECC SD module and CRM.
Knowledge on DP and SNP is an added advantage.