FileMaker Developer

January 12, 2024

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Job Description

Role : FileMaker Developer

Location : Sacramento, CA (Day 1 Onsite/Hybrid)

Duration : Long Term

Set :

5+ years of professional FileMaker development experience.
Experience with FileMaker v19, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, and Angular.
Advanced knowledge of relational database designs and concepts, focusing on FileMaker and SQL.
Strong technical skills and ability to write scripts, design layouts, and create custom functions in FileMaker Pro v19.
Experience in developing FileMaker solutions with multiple levels of security and account-based access restrictions including MFA.
Knowledge and Experience in developing FileMaker integration with business functions involving ERP systems; order processing, finance, and vendor management.
Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science or a related field.

Responsibilities :

Collaborate on database design, including architecture, normalization, and management.
Create Layouts, scripts, field definitions, calculations, tables, relationships, and reporting.
Maintain, enhance, and troubleshoot existing FileMaker solutions.
Communicate issues clearly while working toward a deadline.
Work independently or with a group of developers.
Training and walkthrough of solutions with PM or support staff Desired Skills.
Advanced data relationship skills and knowledge.
API integration experience.
Attention to detail and good organization skills.
An understanding of UI and UX Qualifications.