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Job Description

Job Description

Position Summary:

Client is on the lookout for passionate and skilled embedded software and firmware engineers to join our Wireless Connectivity Software Engineering team. This role centers around the enhancement and evolution of our wireless infrastructure and protocol stack, contributing significantly to our development initiatives. The ideal candidate will be deeply involved in the software intricacies of PHY, MAC, and RF components for our WLAN chipsets. Expertise in WLAN (802.11) and UWB MAC protocols, alongside a capacity for technical leadership and excellent communication skills, is essential to collaborate effectively with our global teams.

Core Responsibilities:

• Engineer and refine software components for Samsung’s Wireless Connectivity Chipset.
• Engage with WLAN and UWB technologies, understanding their devices and protocols to enhance functionality.
• Drive collaboration with cross-functional teams to streamline and automate operational processes.
• Commit to delivering software products of the highest quality.

Essential Qualifications:

• Proficient in programming with C/C++.
• Strong problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking.
• Knowledgeable about WLAN/UWB standards with a clear grasp of Wi-Fi/UWB MAC protocols.
• Familiarity with the Linux Operating System, including kernel and device drivers.
• Proficient in troubleshooting low-level embedded software issues.
• Advanced degree (MS) with 4+ years of experience, or a bachelor’s degree with 6+ years in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.

Desirable Expertise:

• Advanced coding skills in C/C++.
• In-depth understanding of WLAN/UWB standards and protocols.
• Proven experience in embedded firmware design and development within Linux environments or other Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).