Kafka Architect

December 12, 2023

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Job Description

Role: Kafka Architect

Location: Hybrid (Pleasanton, CA, Dallas, TX)

Duration: Long term

Your responsibilities in this role will include:

Primary Skill Set:

Hands-On Experience.
Apache Kafka.
Cluster Management
Proficient in handling and managing Kafka clusters.
Configuration Knowledge.
Strong understanding of Kafka components and configurations related to producers and consumers.
Security configuration expertise.
Connection Handling.
Hands-on experience in handling Kafka connections.

Detailed Job Description:


8+ years of industry experience.
Minimum 4+ years of hands-on experience with Confluent Kafka.
Development and Operational Skills:

Understanding of data streaming and event-driven development/operational platform.
Working with Kafka connectors, producer, and consumer APIs.

Architecture Understanding:

Strong understanding of Kafka architecture, including offset management, partition strategy, and DR requirements.
Migration Experience:

Experience in migrating Confluent instance to Confluent Cloud.
Standards and Design Patterns:

Familiarity with data streaming standards and design patterns, including relevant use-cases.

Integration and Operational Management:

Development and support of Kafka integrations (topics, producers, consumers).
Operational management of the Kafka platform.
Evolution and support of the Kafka environment.

Performance Optimization:

Identify and correct bottlenecks.
Fix bugs to optimize performance.

Issue Resolution:

Investigate issues reported by testing teams.
Determine impact, root cause, and provide solutions.

Security Expertise:

Good understanding of Kafka Security with Kerberos

Essential Skills:

Communication: Strong communication skills.
Collaboration: Proficient in working with business users, Application Teams, Network Team, Infra Team, InfoSEC Team etc.
Technologies: Azure cloud management tools, Kafka Cluster Management tools.
Tools: Git, Gradle, Sonar, Jenkins.
Methodology: Agile Methodology.