SAP PO Administration Consultant

January 8, 2024

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Job Description

Role: SAP PO Administration Consultant

Location: Cary, NC (Fully Remote)

Duration: 12+ Months Contract


4+ years of SAP experience with expertise on SAP PI and PO. Strong SAP PO skill set that indicates Configuring Key Store (.jks) files, Certificate Deployment, User Credential deployment, Configuration on Both HTML5 Browser and Eclipse.
Environments Management: Sandbox, Dev, Test, Quality, and Production (SAP PO Single Stack/Java environments) with F5 load balancer
Platform administration
CTS+ Transport Movement
Code Migration/Deployments (including BPM components)
Handling NFS Folder Creation and Access
Coordinate with OS team on the UNIX/SFTP user creations
Coordinate with cloud team (Virtustream) on all the OS and DB outages. Perform required activities and sanity checks and and confirm all clear


Monitoring integration errors, channels
Monitor CPU, Memory utilization, heaps, threads, ICM and other critical parameters
Send reports to the stakeholders and concerned teams for actions ( follow up and closure)
Compliance and Governance
Ensure ITGC (Information Technology General Controls) Compliance
ITGC/SOX Reports Preparation, Validation, and Providing Clarifications to Audit Teams (ABB internal & external teams like KPMG)
Transport Management Governance

Monitoring and Performance Management:

Monitoring of Integrations and BPM
Proactive Monitoring and Analysis of CPU and Memory Utilization (Peak and Non-Peak Hours)
Coordinating with Application Teams for Planned Outages
SolMan (Solution Manager) Technical Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring through JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Monitor and Techmon from SolMan Manually
Certificates Renewals Prior to Expiry (including partners certs expiry, notify and follow up before expiry)
Check and Apply Security Hot Notes
Check and Analyze EWA (EarlyWatch Alert) Reports and Implement as required
Automate Alert Notifications for Channel/Component Failures
Coordinating Planned Outages with 3rd Party Systems/SAP Systems
RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for Unplanned Outages and Platform issues
Diagnosing and resolving technical issues related to SAP PO components, configurations and interfaces
Coordinating with SAP for issues (Submitting Tickets, Analysis, and Follow-Up for Closure)
Monitoring of different adapters and periodic health checks (e.g., SOAP, RFC, Proxy, JMS, File/SFTP, JDBC, etc.)
SSH key assignment to the SFTP users
SSL Certificates Renewals Prior to Expiry

Other activities to be performed.

Conduct Regular Security Assessments: Periodically review and assess the overall security of the SAP PO environments, including configurations, access controls, and security vulnerabilities reported. Address reported issues as per the timelines
Access Control (ITGC/Audit): Prepare ITGC reports. Continuously manage and validate role assignments to ensure that users have the appropriate level of access permissions based on their roles and responsibilities. Regularly review and validate authorization profiles to ensure that only authorized users can perform specific actions within SAP PO.
Secure Communication : Ensure secure communication configurations/protocols are in place for the platform
Data Security : Implement encryption for sensitive data stored within SAP PO, especially in message payloads and logs.
Data Retention Policies: Establish and enforce data retention policies to limit the storage of sensitive data.
Apply Security Patches: Regularly check for and apply security patches and updates for SAP PO components to address known vulnerabilities. Address and fix the findings provided by security teams on priority
Log Analysis: Regularly review logs to detect any suspicious activities or anomalies.
Secure Communication with Third Parties: Ensure that integrations with external systems or partners are securely configured, including secure channels and authentication mechanisms.
Disaster Recovery : Provide support to execute disaster recovery plans and related activities
Security Incident Investigation: Investigate security inc.