Senior Android Engineer

January 12, 2024

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Job Description

Position: Senior Android Engineer

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Duration: 12+ Months


Demonstrate a strong understanding of the Android framework and respective component lifecycles.
Expert-level knowledge of Kotlin, Android SDK, and Gradle, and experience working with asynchronously coroutines and dependency injection (Dagger)
Ability to build products with a focus on testability, someone who loves test coverage (well versed with Mockk, Google truth, robo electric and espresso)
Wide experience working in multi module environment projects.
Expert-level knowledge of git and continuos integration.
Experience in good app architecture using design patterns such as MVVM, MVP or Clean
Extensive understanding of Android framework components and their respective lifecycles combined with a solid knowledge of multithreading, networking, offline storage, and performance tuning
Build reusable Android components, orchestrate user-interactions integrating with backend services via REST and GraphQL APIs.
Work closely with our product, design, and UX teams to create amazing and intuitive experiences that make it effortless to connect different apps together.