SRE Manager

January 22, 2024

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Job Description

Position: SRE Manager

Location: Bothell, WA or Bellevue, WA

Interview mode- Microsoft Team meeting

Job Description

– 15+ years of experience in application development, architecture and consulting , performing assessments and providing roadmap with project plan

– Good understanding of application design and architecture along with various design patterns

– Proficient to build and provide organization specific coaching and training to large group of team members

– Build the customized SRE training and certification plan for the organization

– Assess the current landscape and define the SRE implementation journey

– Identify key metrics (SLA, SLO, SLI) and estimate the improvements QoQ or YoY basis

– Identify the tools, technology and platforms to automate tasks and improve reliance

– Design ‘Game Days’ activities, objectives and success criteria

– Work with various teams involved in the software delivery process to educate, align and onboard onto SRE ways of working

– Work with application architects, architecture boards, change board, etc. to streamline the application architecture and deployment processes

– Identify the tools to capture relevant metrics across various development, testing and monitoring tools

-Implementing DevOps Practices

-Use monitoring tools like Splunk , Graffana, Argos etc

-Version control tools Docker, Kubernetes

-Understanding of Database and Data Models