VMware Systems Engineer

January 18, 2024

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Job Description

VMware Systems Engineer
Manhattan, New York(Onsite)

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Job Description:

The role is set to begin very quickly and set up a team of onsite consultants at various NY-area locations who can assist the client’s Operational Technology (OT) groups in supporting new and ongoing cybersecurity projects.

As such we are looking for a Systems Engineer with the following skill set:

Years of experience:

Must have an Associates, Bachelors, Masters and/or PHD and 2+yrs of experience
Mandatory Required Skills:

Virtualization and Infrastructure (VMware, Virtual Switches)
Active Directory and Windows Server Administration and Hardening
Vulnerability and Patch Management
Must have Knowledge of:

Physical Access Control Systems
Video Management Systems
Endpoint Credential Management
Implementing Deception Technology (Honeypot/ Honeynets)
Nice to have:

BGP, OSPF and Switching (Cisco)
Network Segmentation and Isolation
Cisco ISE/ Stealth watch
Authentication, Authorization, and Authentication (AAA)
Privileged Access Management
Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan/ Program
Containment/ Protection Tools for OT Environments (Fore scout)
Threat Detection and Vulnerability Assessments
Implementing Deception Technology (Honeypots/ Honeynets)
Nozomi maintenance and management
TDI administration and management
Gigamon maintenance and management experience