SAP Planet 8, 9

January 30, 2024

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Job Description

6+ years of experience in working with Planet 8 or 9 Low Code / No Code platform along with SAP BTP Development.
Proficiency in Planet 9 development
Experience of Flori design principles
Experience in ABAP (for SAP Integration) and Neptune DXP
Experience with mobile client development using Neptune DXP

Key Responsibilities:

Design and Build : You will design, build, and configure applications using Neptune DXP, leveraging its low-code and no-code capabilities.
SAP BTP Integration : Integrate your applications with SAP BTP services
Interoperability : Enhance interoperability by combining Neptune DXPs cloud based features with SAP BTPs capabilities.
Develop applications using Neptune DXP, adhering to best practices
Create adaptive applications that work across different devices and platforms
Utilize Neptune DXPs No-Code App Builder and Low-Code App Designer
Embed Single Sign-On functionality within the applications.
Optimize runtime performance and ensure excellent offline capabilities.