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Job Description

Function & Responsibilities:

Design, implement, and refine product development, testing, and launch processes.
Lead team in the development of new products, solutions, and processes.
Oversee project logistics and resource allocation.
Create and oversee project budgets and engage in cost management strategies.
Develop, implement and maintain systems toward continuous improvement in all areas of responsibility.
Direct and supervise the daily operations of responsible personnel to continually improve effectivity and efficiency.
Determine need, recruit and manage outside assistance with specialized project tasks.
Ensure the departments are properly interacting with customers, handling queries and complaints in a positive and timely manner.
Mentor and coach employees on resolving complex issues toward positive outcomes.
Maintain excellent knowledge of our products and services at all times, and ensure the team is equally as educated in areas of focus, to satisfy our customers.
Develop, implement and maintain departmental performance metrics.
Develop and manage individual goals for team members and assist in their success as needed.
Determine needs, hire and ensure proper training of new team members.
Manage team through real time feedback as well as formal performance evaluations.
Develop and maintain a team atmosphere with other interacting departments.
Provide project management leadership on specific cross-departmental projects.
Perform planning and cross training initiatives to ensure sufficient back-ups within departments.
Implement corporate and/or departmental policies, procedures and service standards.
Develop, implement and maintain systems to control a current and accurate product technical documentation database.
Adhere to budget and report on expenses – Budget tracking.
Take action to remain current on the latest industry trends and techniques.
Perform other tasks as required

Required Skills and Qualifications:

Strong project management skills
Continuous Improvement Mindset
Solution Focus
Familiarity with ERP software data input, acquisition and analysis
Design and creative experience and abilities
Advanced CAD Skills
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite products
Advanced MS Excel skills
B.S. in related field
5 to 10 years of related experience
5+ years of management experience