Software Controls Engineer

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Job Description

Your Responsibilities Include:

· Providing support to new and sustaining initiatives in the areas of automation and equipment design originating from the Process Development team
· Engaging with peers to align on development standards and common strategies
· Developing electrical/software design based upon departments’ standard development tools and procedures. This includes pneumatic devices, electro-mechanical devices, motion controllers, sensors, system controllers, human interfaces, and safety devices
· Prioritizing project work and tracks progress towards completion. Ensures that completed projects meet customer expectations and timelines
· Monitoring daily work and provides feedback and status to project leaders or supervisor
· Identifies, anticipates, and mitigates technical risks and scope changes encountered during highly visible and challenging equipment design
· Completing FDA/QSR software requirements by assisting in the creation of specifications and qualifications
· Provides training as required to ensure that the equipment can be operated effectively


· Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or
· Passion for connecting technical solution with operational excellence
· equivalent
· 3-5 years of engineering / related work experience
· Microsoft .NET WPF applications development
· PC based machine control

Preferred Qualifications:

· Experience with programming Microsoft .NET suite of products (C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WPF, .NET Framework, .NET Core)
· Experience with equipment control (PLC, sensors, servo/stepper motors, controls, pneumatics, vision, HMI design, electrical panels, safety)
· Experience with Aerotech A3200 or Automation 1 drives and controllers
· Experience with integrating off the shelf components into custom solutions
· Experience with Manufacturing environments