Automation Sales Engineer

May 15, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilities Include:

Help to build the A+ Automation Department by engaging with the sales department to establish trustworthy relationships with both existing and new customers.
Increase automation sales, market share, and profits.
Collaborate with A+ Automation Engineers by gathering pertinent information to design, build, and sell simple automation cells that are affordable, efficient, and operator friendly.
Visit manufacturing facilities and evaluate best-use applications.
Build and maintain trustworthy customer relationships.
Consult to secure sales to existing and potential customers.
Promote value-added products, benefits, and services to customers.
Coordinate customer needs through the service department.
Provide feedback to sales regarding requests for quotes (RFQs).
Enter direct and indirect sales calls, notes, comments, and any other important information into Zoho CRM.
Analyze automation market conditions.
Develop annual sales projections and plans.
Coordinate sales execution plans with direct internal account handlers and outside distribution across the United States and Canada.
Travel to existing customers and distributors.
Attend pertinent trade shows.
Assist marketing with messaging, new product rollouts, promotions, competition, and brand awareness.
Keep accurate expense records in specified banking app to upload receipts and organize expense reports.
Train sales in all A+ Automation products and services that are beneficial to the end-customer.

Knowledge and Skills:

4-Year degree or equivalent combination of skills, experience, or education.
Must be able to travel to distributors across the continental United States and Canada (limited).
Ability to determine customer needs, thoroughly communicate with A+ Automation Engineers, and follow through on commitments.
Be knowledgeable about products, services, and the company.
Written communication skills – writing a proposal or email must be concise, organized, and transparent.
Presentation skills – presentations should be short and factual.
Verbal communication skills – convey engineered services clearly and persuasively both in-person or via phone.
Creative problem solver.
Demonstrate ability to work independently and be self-motivated.