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Job Description

Position Purpose:

The SCADA Manager will be responsible for the design, realization, and technical management of the WEX / KPC SCADA, data storage, reporting, SCADA communications network, and data security systems. The SCADA Manager will regularly assess system capabilities, risks, and opportunities-for-improvement and manage change to maintain operations to deliver products to URC per business requirements. The SCADA Manager will ensure continuous operation of SCADA to support URC production and safety requirements.The SCADA Manager will manage a SCADA team to achieve these goals.

Position Description: Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities:

and manage all installed SCADA systems and infrastructure
configure, test, and maintain operating systems, application software, and system management tools
and maintain system controls (from HMI to, but not including device actuators and sensors) and associated alert and warning systems and logic
and maintain system communications hardware and software
the existing systems and provide the technical direction to IT support staff
the development of customized software and hardware requirement
risks and manage mitigation efforts
continuous improvement efforts for SCADA and SCADA-related systems
and maintain system to ensure data integrity and security
response and mitigation of SCADA-related disruptions
technical resources are available as needed
a SCADA management team

Competencies and Skills:

to manage multiple projects simultaneously
technical aptitude and sound understanding of information management systems, device controllers, and information security systems and procedures
Familiarity with API 1130, API 1155, and API 1168
to quickly comprehend technical requirements and issues and resolve them to meet company and project requirements
to understand customer and business requirements and balance them as they impact system design, configuration, and operation
communication and interpersonal skills: ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written communication
to interpret technical drawings and specifications
and embraces a continuous improvement attitude
ability to manage direct reports
can-do attitude

demands are moderate:
activities can include entry into confined spaces, navigating field equipment and piping, and ladder and stair access to structural platforms
to construction areas should be expected
activities will require appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and adherence to established safety procedures
Programs and Equipment Used:

is an IT / computer software / computer hardware development position
significant use of the following:
communication and management programs including MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, databases (QuickBase, MS Access, Oracle)
controller configuration software, machine interfaces, HMIs, and associated algorithms for process control
and use of electronic forms, reports, voice-of-the-customer, and voice-of-the-business
(various database and data storage-and-retrieval programs)
applications and environments (e.g. VBA, C++)
Required Education and Experience:

degree in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering from an accredited college or university
knowledge of computerized process control, data management, and information integrity and security
ability to manage a team of direct reports
Preferred Education and Experience:

5 years’ experience in information technology and / or process controls management
5 years’ experience developing and maintaining SCADA systems and associated hardware
5 years’ experience with DCS / PLC application | modification | troubleshooting, ladder logic, PID tuning
with API 1130, API 1155, and API 1168