Data Annotation Specialist

May 10, 2024

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Job Description

Want to use your language skills to help make better company products?

The Data Annotation Specialist performs data annotation and analysis using native language skills and cultural knowledge to capture linguistic nuances with high fidelity. Maintains a high
level of accuracy, quality, and consistency in data annotation.

Works to understand the requirements and specifications of the data annotation projects and creates work instructions
based on those requirements.

Identifies internal opportunities to develop new projects and improve current ones. Recognizes root problems (e.g., root-cause analysis), gathers requirements and evangelizes proposed solutions to broader team.

Grows ability to track individual success criteria and performance metrics related to quality and throughput etc.

Cooperates with project leads to execute on landing deliverables. Maintains the rhythm of business (ROB) during plan execution to ensure global alignment.

Works across teams and centers to ensure all projects/initiative requirements are understood and can be met.

Adapts communication style and storytelling strategy according to audience and business needs.

Familiarizes self with guidelines to identify quality problems, and/or discover insights into the data.

Contributes to the exploration and development of guidelines/work instructions.

Develops advanced understanding of guidelines and identifies gaps and when they should be used. Understands and follows ethics and privacy policies when contributing to development
of guidelines.

Adheres to company privacy policy related to utilizing and working with data.

Maintains high standard of data protection and security, follows standardized processes to prevent any information leakage or breach that could compromise the quality and reliability of products and services and minimizes exposure to risk.

Demonstrates personal ownership through following Security & Privacy guidelines, immediately reporting incidents using the appropriate channels, and completes all security training.

Adheres to policy to protect company and customers. Discovers non-conformance and escalates to management.

Follows individual program guidelines based on corporate policies and processes.

Data Annotation Specialist’s:
Use in house tools to transcribe and annotate data for various projects. A few examples may be providing transcription (text) for audio clips or annotating text or images to verify certain types of data.
Go through content (online and offline), extract information, provide needed information through tools with high accuracy and consistency.
Perform quality evaluation of transcription and annotation results produced by different sources.
Collaborate with team members on day-to-day problem solving and projects assigned by managers.
Data Annotation Specialists will come across offensive, sensitive, or objectionable material and may be required to work with this type of content to help train our AI models for the protection of Microsoft’s customers. Data Annotation Specialists are comfortable understanding data as it relates to :
Sentiment: The emotional intonation and other subjective implications behind keywords and phrases.
Intent: The human intent, or the user’s end goal, behind different statements. Semantic: Understanding exactly what the meaning is behind what users are seeking.
Use deductive reasoning based on information provided in contextual turns to ensure data labelling is of the highest quality.

Basic Qualifications:
Associate’s degree
OR Bachelor’s Degree
OR equivalent experience
1+ year(s) experience working with stakeholders in a project or program
Willing to work on-site
Native speaker or equivalent experience of Hindi for India (grammar, punctuation, structure and attention to detail).

Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
In depth knowledge of required language pitch, tones, rhythm, intent, etc.
Ability to have fun at work while bringing your authentic self
Linguistics or computational linguistic background
Experience in language technology including speech
Proficient in multiple required languages
Analytical Skills
Attention to Detail
Business Intelligence (BI)
Native Language Proficiency
Operational Excellence
Research and Data Analysis